Jan 11, 2008


On a Friday night, no less. *Most* people would have actual plans, or a date, or some exciting way to spend their Friday night, but I have ramblings. Actually, I have more than that, I have a cozy basement, a roaring fire, a snuggly husband, and...a 57" TV. See? My life is exciting too!

But this isn't a blog about the present time, it's a blog about the last year and a half of my life. But to really grasp that time frame, I have to go back further. As they say in important documentaries (and Monty Python, of course)...

"The Year Was 2000":

I met my husband in the usual scandalous way; a coffee shop, pleather pants, and a textbook. According to his version, he was comfortably minding his own business seated inside at said coffee shop, people-watching. I walked in, in all my pleather-pants glory and ordered myself...surprise...a coffee. (Actually, I think it was probably a coffee milkshake...but who cares about specifics or calories?) Ty claims that I looked around the shop, spied him, and gave him my flirtiest smile. When he tells the story, this is the part where he puts his hand to his heart, gives his audience his best "surprised look", and completes the act by pretending to look behind him to ensure that I wasn't smiling at someone else. At any rate, my smile gets returned. As I walked out to the patio where I could study in peace, I apparently turned to smile at him one more time, "luring" him to follow. (I deny that part of the story, I'm far too innocent and sweet to be capable of such manipulation!)

Helpless, like a man, he followed. He casually chose a seat at the table across from me, and claims I did everything in the feminine trick bag to get him to notice me. (As if pleather pants weren't enough!) From the fake yawn to show off my young belly button, to the traditional eye bats and occasional eye contact, with of course, the smile. Fed up with my wiles, Ty looked at me and said, "All right, that's enough!" And the conversation began. I eventually moved over to his table and within minutes he asked me to marry him. I laughed, asked him to let me grow up a little first, and maybe in three years I'd be ready to marry him.

We were married August 30th, 2003.

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