Jan 5, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Hello new unseen friend! If you've been directed here or found this blog on your own, then you probably already know what TTC, PG, HPT, OPK, and my personal favorite, POAS, stand for. Just in case you don't, I'll create a page of helpful acronyms so you can check those out, because those are going to be pretty important.

I'm going to cover a lot of topics on this blog, but mainly TTC and getting through the loss of a child. Notice that I didn't say getting "over" the loss of a child, because that's of course, impossible. You can get THROUGH the loss, and even feel like yourself again, but let's face it: burying your child, whether physically, symbolically, or mentally, is unnatural for a mother or father to have to do. He or she will always be in your thoughts, and while it might get easier, your heart will always ache for your child.

I'm going to be starting from the very beginning of my own TTC and PG journey. A lot of my posts will be copies from a board that I joined on babycenter.com shortly after my son died so that I can accurately capture exactly what I was feeling at the time. That place was an online journal for me, and I didn't hold back any of the anger or grief I was feeling, so keep in mind that my posts may border on blasphemous at times, as well as show a lot of my weaknesses and shortcomings. But I think that, especially if you're new to this journey, you'll relate to a lot of my various emotions.

Wish me luck!